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Offer Fruity Appetizers with the Help of Wawona!

Different Fruit Appetizers to Serve at Your Restaurant

Here are a few options to add to your menu:

Health Benefits of Adding Fruit Appetizers to your Menu

Adding fruit appetizers to your menu can add healthy options as opposed to just your average deep-fried snacks. 

Because fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, adding extra servings of fruit into a daily diet is good for your health. Fruit is also packed with antioxidantsFruit is perfect for the summer because the high water content can help keep customers hydrated and feeling refreshed. That means they leave happier and healthier!

Light, Refreshing, and Simple

Making fruit appetizers can be a great way to add something light and refreshing to your menu. It can also be extremely simple by using frozen fruit. The nutritional value is the same as fresh, and it has a great shelf life. Using frozen fruit can help cut prep time and still offer a refreshing appetizer all year round. 

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Are you ready to add fruit appetizers to your menu? Wawona has a wide variety of frozen fruit to choose from. Shop now.

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