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Wawona Frozen Foods offers a variety of high quality, consumer-packaged products for retail supermarkets, club stores and convenience stores. The fresh, wholesome fruit products are available in both branded and private label. Wawona’s products start with fruit picked ripe and full of flavor for an “off-the-tree” taste, texture and nutrition. Wawona fresh frozen fruits offer a convenient, great-tasting way to enjoy the flavor and nutrition of fresh fruit, year-round.

Retail Uses & Benefits

Wawona is a reliable provider of frozen peaches, plums, pears, strawberries and blends to retailers. The popular Wawona brand is sold nationwide and Wawona packs private label as well. Wawona’s “fresh frozen” processing provides discriminating consumers with ideal fruit to delight their families. The frozen fruit also maintains its fresh flavors to ensure the highest customer satisfaction in products such as: pies, cobblers, dessert toppings, smoothies, and more. Key benefits include:

  • Available as branded or private label
  • Variety of cut sizes and package sizes
  • Tastes like fresh availability year-round
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The Wawona Way

Wawona Dessert Peaches are hand selected from the production lines for optimum flavor and maturity, and then packed in a sweetened peach purée – perfect for making cobblers and pies or as a topping for ice cream or waffles. The Dessert Peaches are just the right size for consumers’ favorite recipes. Wawona offers a full line of zip locked bags of frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries and berry blends. Popular fruit blends include the Spectrum Blend and Festival Blend fruits all available in one pound bags. Other formats include 10 and 12 oz. bags and 12 oz. stand-up gusseted bags.

Fruit Products


    Branded & Private Label Opportunities

    Wawona offers delicious fruit with that fresh picked flavor year ‘round. Consumers have come to rely on the Wawona brand to make their desserts, smoothies and inventive dishes perfect every time. Wawona’s fresh frozen fruits are the key ingredients in both branded and private label products.

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