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Flavorful and nutritious Wawona premium fruits are a favorite in school meal programs. Working with school districts across the country, Wawona has created products designed to provide both variety and economy without sacrificing appeal and nutrition. Fruit commodities can be converted into several different products within a single order to help avoid “menu burnout.” For example, commodity peaches may be converted into fruit cups, cups with shortcake, cobblers and fruit pastries.

Uses & Benefits For Schools

Wawona is dedicated to offering healthier food choices to school children across the U.S. to ensure they receive the recommended daily fruit requirements. As a USDA-approved national processor, Wawona has provided nutritious fruit offerings to school districts for more than 30 years. These include fruit cups and pops for breakfast and lunch programs as well as fruit snacks during the day to supplement regular meals. In addition to the federally-supported meal programs, Wawona supplies custom fruits and fruit blends to schools to top salads and use in parfaits. Wawona’s goal is to help children to develop healthy eating habits and to have a positive impact on their present and future well-being. Key benefits include:

  • Meets CN-level requirements
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Nutritious offering to help students develop lifelong healthy eating habits
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The Wawona Way

As the family’s fourth generation enters elementary school, the Smittcamps are fully aware of the importance of fruit in children’s daily diets. Not only is Wawona’s fresh frozen fruit tastier than canned fruit, the nutritious benefit is locked in during the individual quick freezing process. In addition, Wawona is dedicated to sustainable growing practices both in its estate orchards as well as with long-time growers. Wawona’s three production facilities are state-of-the-art incorporating the latest technologies and innovations with strong emphasis on both food and employee safety.

Fruit Products


    Fruit Cups: Nutritious and Delicious

    Wawona Frozen Foods’ school fruit cups are the perfect addition to school lunch meal programs. Wawona’s peach, strawberry and mixed berry fruit cups meet the perfect half-cup serving of fruit requirement needed by schools. The frozen fruit cups, which are gluten-free and non-GMO, are healthy calories students love! These individual servings allow school staff to easily store and serve the fruit, saving on labor and cost. Wawona also wants to help MAXIMIZE school entitlement dollars.

    For more information call (559) 299-2901, or email Schools@wawona.com


    Fruit Pops: Healthy and Convenient

    Wawona Frozen Foods’ fruit pops are designed with school nutrition programs in mind. With a half-cup fruit serving per pop, healthy calories and an excellent source of Vitamin C, Wawona frozen fruit pops are the nutritious snacks students want! These individual servings of flavors include peach, strawberry and mixed berry. The pops have easy-to-open packaging and allow school staff to quickly store and serve the fruit, saving on labor and cost! With Wawona, schools can MAXIMIZE their entitlement dollars!  

    For more information call
    (559) 299-2901, or email Schools@wawona.com


    Bagged Fruit: Select from a Variety of Flavors

    Wawona Frozen Foods’ IQF Bagged Fruit is the perfect addition to every school’s lunch menu! The clean label, no sugar added fruit is ideal for any salad bar, smoothie or parfait option. There is no prep involved which allows school staff to easily store and serve the fruit, saving on labor and cost. Wawona’s flavors range from straight peaches and strawberries to blend options that include: 4-Berry Blend, Tropi-Cal Blend, Spectrum Blend and Festival Blend! Contact Wawona today to learn more about how its frozen fruit can help add value to school menus! Also, be sure to ask about how Wawona can help MAXIMIZE school entitlement dollars! 

    For more information call
    (559) 299-2901, or email

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