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About Us

Vision & Values

Wawona Frozen Foods is committed to growing and processing the highest quality fresh frozen fruit products for food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, restaurants and resorts, supermarkets and schools.

Since its founding, Wawona has built its company around the firm belief that the process of freezing fresh fruit delivers it at the optimum standards for color, sweetness and texture. Unlike canning, which requires very firm fruit, fresh frozen allows fruit selection that mimics the fresh-picked appearance and taste of fruit picked at the peak of its maturity. This provides Wawona with tremendous control over fruit-specific criteria, such as ideal firmness and brix (natural sugar) content.

Whether a product proudly carries the Wawona name or the name of a valued co-packer, it’s treated with the same attention-to-detail and commitment to quality – matching exact specifications and field-to-dock tracking. Wawona prides itself in the ability to create products that meet customers’ specific needs and exceed their expectations.

As a family-owned company, Wawona Frozen Foods enjoys a solid reputation built on quality and leading to:

  • An ever-expanding product line
  • Satisfied customers from many of the nation’s top brands
  • A leadership team and staff who embody respect, fairness and decency
Wawona Truck
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Wawona Truck in orchard
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