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Wawona Frozen Foods offers a variety of consumer-packaged products for retail supermarkets, club stores and convenience stores, packed with the highest in quality standards and fresh, wholesome fruit.

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Wawona Frozen Foods provides the highest quality fruit, fruit blends and ingredients to foodservice operators and chefs. Wawona’s turnkey frozen fruit program has become a favorite for restaurants looking for efficiency, quality and value.

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Wawona prides itself in providing the highest quality fruit to industrial customers. Wawona processes and packs frozen fruit in its state-of-the-art production facilities, which are run by experienced and caring operators who maximize efficiency, quality and safety.

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Flavorful and nutritious Wawona premium fruits are a favorite in school meal programs. Working with school districts across the country, Wawona has created products designed to provide both variety and economy without sacrificing appeal and nutrition.

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