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Enjoy a Healthy, Fruity Breakfast with Wawona

Fruits and vegetables are pillars of popular plant-based diet trends. And what a great way to add seasonal flavor to your breakfast dishes! Turn the ordinary into something magical with a fruity twist!

Blueberry Compote-Stuffed French Toast

Dress up your french toast dish with a delicious seasonal berry compote. The warm and inviting aroma of cinnamon and vanilla pairs perfectly with the mild sweetness of the blueberry. For another layer of fancy, use brioche bread for the toast.

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Fruit and Granola Protein Power Bowl

Whole fat Greek yogurt is the protein star of this protein bowl dish. Fresh, housemade granola adds some crunch. And seasonal fruits like peaches and berries add color with a sweet finish! A light meal loaded with protein and healthy fat is a great way to start the day!

Fruit is a healthy, natural way to sweeten dishes. You can serve mixed fruit as a stand-alone side or build a dish around a favorite fruit. Either way, Wawona has a wide selection of frozen fresh fruits.

Since 1943 we have been growing fresh fruit in the California sunshine. Browse our catalog of delicious frozen fresh fruit today!

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