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Incorporate Fruit Into Your Summer Entrees!

Add the taste of summer to some of your favorite dinners by incorporating fruit into your entrees! It may be easier (and tastier) than you thought to include some fruit into different menu items, and it comes with a number of satisfying benefits. 

How to Incorporate Fruit Into Your Summer Entrees

Fruit can enhance the flavors of some of your favorite dishes with minimal additional effort to the kitchen staff. Try these quick ideas on how to incorporate fruit into the dinners you serve: 

  • Add pineapple to burgers or pizza
  • Use mango in stir-fry
  • Make a fruit salsa for tacos
  • Put pear or apple into your turkey sandwich 

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Benefits of Incorporating Fruit Into Your Dinner

If the delicious meal possibilities didn’t already start making your mouth water, learn about what adding more fruit to your diet can do for your health. Health benefits of eating more fruit include:

  • Increase nutrient intake 
  • Hydration
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Boost energy levels

Are you ready to amp up some of the entrees on your menu with fruit? Contact Wawona Frozen Foods to place your order for frozen fruit today!

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