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Enjoy the Benefits of Frozen Fruit!

Over the years, frozen fruit has gotten a rotten reputation. However, it really is an excellent choice for your establishment. Here are five fantastic reasons why your restaurant should be using frozen fruit.

Picked and the Peak of Perfection

The moment that you pick fresh fruit, it begins to lose vital nutrients. Freezing this ripe fruit can lead to keeping it full of vitamins and minerals. 

Frozen Fruit is Nutritious

Because these fruits are picked and frozen while they are in their prime, they often have more nutritional value than fresh produce that often has a distance to travel.

Frozen Fruit is Simple

The process to preserve the fresh fruit is to freeze it. No additives are needed. So you can easily serve fruit exactly as it should be: natural.

Frozen Fruit is Versatile

There are many ways that you can use frozen fruit on your current menu. They can easily be thawed or warmed up for delicious desserts or added to creamy smoothies.

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Frozen Fruit is the Ultimate Healthy Shortcut

Because the freezing process does all the work of peeling and de-pitting for you, using frozen fruit can save your cook line valuable prep time. 

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