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Utilize Wawona’s Fruit for Scrumptious Popsicles

Are you craving a refreshing way to change up your restaurant menu? Here is how Wawona Frozen Foods can help you be the talk of the town.

Using Different Types of Fruit

The options for fruit popsicles are endless. And when you start to mix and match flavors, you can serve some really delicious treats.

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Some popular flavors are:

  • Strawberry
  • Berries and Cream
  • Coconut and Lime
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Mango
  • Strawberry and Banana

Easy to serve

Popsicles are easy to make with a limited ingredient list, and they are even easier to serve. You can efficiently serve them in a variety of ways.

The simplest way is to serve them right on the stick. However, you can also serve them in a bowl with toppings for an extra special treat.


Popsicles are one of the most cost-effective desserts that you can add to your menu. Frozen fruit popsicles don’t need a lot of ingredients, and you can use up any fruit that has already been thawed out. 

Add milk, water, or juice for a simple treat that is easy to serve at your restaurant. Popsicles are perfect for street vending or sidewalk sales. 

Are you ready to add fruit popsicles to your menu? Call Wawona today.

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