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Take Advantage of Wawona’s School Offerings!

Did you know that Wawona’s flavorful, nutritious fruits are a favorite for school meal programs around the country? Our school offerings include products that are economical and provide students with variety without sacrificing their delicious taste and nutrition.

Fruits like peaches and berries can help you avoid menu burnout—you can use the same ingredients to make cobblers, pastries, shortcakes, fruit cups, and more!

Wawona is a USDA-approved processing company, and we’ve provided nutritious offerings for school districts across the nation for over 30 years. Our fruit meets the child nutrition requirements, comes in a wide variety of flavors, and is tasty enough to help students develop a lifelong habit of eating healthy.

Now, we want to talk about three of our most popular school offerings.

Wawona’s fruit cups are delicious and nutritious and make the perfect addition to any school lunch program. Our peach, strawberry, and mixed berry cups contain the half-cup serving of fruit that’s required for schools to serve.

Wawona’s fruit pops are an excellent source of vitamin C, also contain a half-cup serving of fruit, and make a healthy, convenient addition to a student’s lunch.

Wawona’s bagged fruit has no added sugar and is perfect for salad bars, smoothies, and parfaits. Serve your students healthy, tasty fruit with zero prep work!

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