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Spring is Coming – Offer Delicious Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are easy, delicious, and healthy. Wawona provides the highest quality fresh frozen fruit products, including pears, strawberries, plums, mixed fruit, and more. Here’s why we believe so strongly in smoothies.

Traditional smoothies help boost fruit and vegetable intake and increase fiber consumption. Common smoothie ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds are rich in fiber. Considering most people in the US aren’t getting sufficient quantities of fiber, this is a welcomed benefit.

Further, smoothies are super quick to make. Purchase frozen fruit ingredients and keep them in your freezer for months, allowing you to toss them into the blender and whip up a smoothie in just a few minutes for any customer.

You can make a variety of smoothies with a few ingredients. Swap out your main fruit in one smoothie and you’ve got an entirely different flavor that will appeal to other customers. Smoothies don’t require loads of planning.

With spring on its way, the weather is warming up. Although you can whip up a smoothie any time of the year, it’s particularly satisfying for customers on a warm day. Perfect for spring and summer, consider adding frozen smoothies to your menu.

Wawona Frozen Foods specializes in the growing and freezing of fresh fruit. We provide frozen fresh fruit to retailers, foodservice operators, industrial customers, and schools. Let us meet your frozen fruit needs today!

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