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Incorporate Fruit Into Your Appetizers

Many customers enjoy fruit, but appetizers aren’t typically where you find fruit on the menu. With spring and summer quickly upon us, customers are seeking refreshing fruit dishes, including appetizers. Here’s how you can add fruit to that section of your menu.

Peach & goat cheese crostini. Crostini is plural for the Italian word crostino, meaning “little toasts.” Peach and goat cheese crostini use small, bite-sized pieces of crunchy bread, typically a French baguette. On top go goat cheese, peaches, some balsamic glaze, and other seasonings.

Fruit platters. These are straightforward to make, and, if done right, they’re also a work of art. Fruit platters can include your basic items such as oranges, peaches, pears, and mango, but they can also incorporate more unique items such as dragonfruit. You can design fruit platters in various patterns.

Skewers. Another very simple idea, skewers involve taking some customer favorites and “skewing” them on a stick. These skewers can be entirely fruit, using grapes, mango, pineapple, honeydew, strawberries, and more, or they can incorporate meat with vegetables and pineapple, for instance.

Bruschetta. Similar to crostini, bruschetta is small bits of bread topped with various ingredients. The difference between this and crostini is that bruschetta has more seasoning on the bread, where crostini tends to get all its flavor from the toppings. Try adding some fruit to your latest bruschetta.

Salsa. Salsa goes great with chips, and together they make the perfect appetizer. Consider adding fruit items such as peach, mango, or pineapple to your menu’s salsas for extra springtime flavor.

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