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Incorporate Fruit Into Your Entrees!

Everyone wants to get the right amount of fruits into their diets. Aside from eating raw fruits, you might be lost on how to add these sweet treats into your entrees. It is easy to incorporate more healthy fruits into your dishes for your customers to enjoy. 

Add Pears as a Pizza Topping

Pears on pizza are definitely not a traditional way to enjoy this entree, but it might quickly become your favorite. You can add pears and gorgonzola for a special treat. Onions, balsamic glaze, and pears are guaranteed to kick up your pizza

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Enjoy a Fruit Salsa

Salsa doesn’t have to be spicy! From peaches to strawberries, you can add these sweet fruits to your favorite salsa recipe to cool down this excellent side dish. Add some cinnamon for an out-of-this-world dessert. 

Stir Fry Your Fruits

Stir fry is known for its vegetables, but why not add some fruit? You might want to try a ginger and plum stir fry for an exotic twist on this classic. 

Fruits In Other Dishes

From strawberries to plums, there are numerous ways you can add these fruits to your entrees. You can try a fruit kabob on the grill to bring out the sweet flavors. An entree salad with a variety of peaches, plums, and strawberries works well with a tart balsamic dressing

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