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Incorporating Fruit Onto Your Menu!

Fruit is naturally sweet and delicious, which can truly be a focal point of a dining experience. Recently, fruit has become more popular on menus, especially figs, pomegranates, apricots, and plantains. Most consumers eat less than the recommended amount of fruit per day, so adding this into the menu encourages good health. Fruit is low in fat and calories, while rich in vitamins in minerals. It also provides natural sweetness that many people crave. 

Appetizers and salads are a great way to incorporate fruit. For example, a popular summer salad is fresh spinach with goat cheese and diced strawberries, finished with a balsamic vinaigrette. Another great appetizer is delicious cheese with sliced almonds, crispy crostini’s and a fig spread, which is great for sharing and is not too high in calories. Fruit can also be used to add a sweet touch to certain entrees, such as a peach puree to create a sauce that accompanies a delicious pork chop. Plantains, usually prepared fried or roasted, are also commonly found in entrees, but also appear in side dishes. 

Cooked fruit can also be wonderful additions. Cooking fruit intensifies the flavor and is incredibly versatile in the types of dishes it can appear in. Some examples include pizzas, topped with cooked pears or peaches, citrus chicken with grilled fruit, or even a dessert like ice cream with roasted fruit. 

Using fruit in your restaurant presents year-round opportunities to keep menus refreshed. Consider highlighting your menu with fresh and cooked fruit to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales in your operation. Contact Wawona Frozen Foods to see how we can assist you!

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