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What’s Up with Wawona, September 2023

Wawona Update

Wawona Frozen Foods is still in FULL SEASON SWING! We are getting peaches in by the truckloads and slicing, dicing and freezing them into our favorite peachy treats! Wawona also completed our SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Audit at both our Clovis and our Cedar (Fresno) facility. Both facilities passed with flying colors! Having an excellent SQF audit score, helps our business and shows our customers, vendors and partners that safety and FOOD SAFETY is number one at Wawona! 

We are looking forward to celebrating our Employees at our upcoming Employee Appreciation and 60th Anniversary Celebration in October!

Industry Trends – Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit is a convenient and versatile ingredient that can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re serving up a quick breakfast or a refreshing dessert, frozen fruit comes to the rescue. Toss a handful into your morning smoothie for a burst of flavors and natural sweetness, or stir them into yogurt or oatmeal. For a simple and healthy dessert, blend frozen fruit with a touch of honey or yogurt to make a vibrant sorbet or a creamy fruit ice cream. Frozen fruit can also be added to baked goods like muffins, pancakes, or fruit crisps. Don’t forget its utility in cocktails and mocktails as well – frozen fruit makes for excellent colorful and flavorful garnishes. With frozen fruit on hand, you can easily elevate your dishes and enjoy the taste of ripe fruit year-round. 

Learn more about our Mixed Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit 101

Why frozen fruit? Frozen fruit retains its nutritional value, making it a nutritious choice for incorporating fruit into one’s diet. When fruits are frozen, they are picked at their peak ripeness and quickly frozen, locking in their natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

This preservation process helps prevent nutrient degradation, allowing frozen fruit to retain much of the same nutritional content as fresh fruit. With the convenience of frozen fruit readily available year-round, it becomes easier for individuals to enjoy the health benefits of a variety of fruits, contributing to a balanced and wholesome diet. 

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