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What’s Up With Wawona, April 2023

Wawona Update

Wawona Frozen Foods has been in FULL BLOOM the past few weeks as our wonderful orchards have been covered in pink peach blossoms! Even with mother nature’s recent rain storms, our crop is looking good for the 2023 season! Wawona is gearing up to celebrate our growers this month at our annual Grower’s Luncheon, where our over 80 growers will hear from our President and CEO on what our trends, production and crop value will be for the year!

Industry Trends 

As consumers are becoming more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious,  businesses must have sustainable efforts if they want to be successful. According to Food Executive Industry, “It is essential for today’s conscientious customers that the brands they support are making decisions that are positively impacting the environment today and for the future.

What are some ways your business can be more sustainable? Here’s 5 of the biggest practices business have been doing:

  1. Prioritize ESG – “Utilizing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is an indispensable part of profitable growth strategies.” 
  2. Adopt packaging alternatives – “Brands that implement sustainable packaging alternatives for their products have found that 60-70% of consumers are willing to pay more for less climate impact.”
  3. Save water and energy – “In 2023, we will see the accelerated adoption of efficient steaming technology, water reuse systems that reduce the processors’ water, energy, chemical usage, and more.”
  4. Reduce food waste – “Technological innovation is necessary to find new solutions to reduce food waste. Technology providers that address this problem through their products create a ripple effect through the supply chain, helping their food and beverage manufacturing customers contribute to a better, more equitable world.”
  5. Cell-based protein innovation – “Data from two comprehensive new studies found that cell-based protein could cause up to 92% less global warming and 93% less air pollution, and use up to 95% less land and 78% less water compared to conventional beef production.”

Read more about Food Executive Industry’s ideas for ways to be a more sustainable business here.

Frozen Fruit 101

Looking to add some health-conscious, fruit-filled snacks to your menu?  Nutritionists love frozen fruit because:

  • They don’t contain additives
  • They retain their nutrient levels
  • They are versatile for meals and snacks

By offering healthy snacks, you’ll attract health-conscious customers that appreciate nutritious, low-calorie alternatives. Here are some of our best healthy snack ideas that use Wawona’s fresh frozen fruit:

  • Pineapple Mango Sorbet: This healthy snack whips up fast, only needing two hours to chill. Sorbets are a great menu item for in-between courses or as a light, refreshing dessert.
  • Freezer Fudge with Strawberries: A healthy take on a decadent treat, this freezer fudge combines frozen strawberries, almond butter, coconut oil, and maple syrup for a guilt-free snack.
  • Berry Yogurt Swirl Popsicle: These sophisticated popsicles blend berries, strawberries, or blueberries with dairy-free yogurt for a cool snack or dessert that caters to the vegan crowd.
  • Fruit Smoothies: Combine all of your favorite Wawona fruits and blend to perfection! 
  • Frozen Yogurt Bites: A five-healthy-ingredient snack, these frozen yogurt bites can substitute any fruit with honey, granola, and yogurt for a cool and balanced bite.
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