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Fruit Salsa — The Perfect Combo of Sweet & Spicy!

When we all think of salsa, we often picture mostly spicy flavors with hints of lime and cilantro. However, adding a little sweetness to your salsa can be a great change in flavors, especially for your consumers. Spike your salsa with delicious fruits with the help of Wawona Frozen Foods. We have all of the highest quality frozen fruits available that will be the perfect addition to any salsa.

A peach salsa is perfectly appropriate for summertime peach season. Dice some tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, and jalapeños with your peaches, mincing some garlic and squeezing some lime juice to finish it off. This is a great alternative as it lessens the acidity of traditional salsa and gives a sweet and refreshing flavor. This recipe could easily be created with Wawona’s pears and plums, too. Doing a mixed fruit salsa would also be a great addition to any operation for the summer season.

Wawona Frozen Foods has all of the fruity solutions that your operation is looking for. See how we can sweeten up your spices today with our delicious product offerings!

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