About Us

About Located in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, Wawona Frozen Foods specializes in the growing and freezing of fresh fruits. Beginning as a small farm over fifty years ago, we continue today as a grower, processor and major supplier of fruit and fruit products. Pioneering the frozen fruit industry, this family owned company is a result of one farmer’s commitment to deliver the very best fresh frozen fruit products to the market place. Wawona’s success and prosperity is due to our family’s commitment to excellence and continues today as a family owned and operated company. We ship more than 100 million pounds of product annually.

More than “Just Peaches”

Did you know Marie Calendars Peach Pies are filled with peaches from Wawona? Wawona Frozen Foods is exporting their products every day to many of our nation’s largest jam, yogurt, ice cream, pie and pastry manufacturers, foodservice distributors, restaurants, resorts and supermarkets, as well as school lunch and breakfast programs. Over 100 Wawona Frozen Foods products are sold and distributed in North America. From orchard to table, Wawona Frozen Foods produces many of America’s favorite fruits including fresh frozen peaches, strawberries and mixed fruit.

Amid robust growth, Wawona Frozen Foods remains a family-owned company whose principles are demonstrated daily in the plant. It’s solid reputation as a quality grower and processor has led to an ever expanding product line, and the growing list of satisfied customers shows that you can always count on Wawona for quality, innovation and excellent service. Packed to the highest standards with refreshing taste, texture and natural sweetness, Wawona’s fresh frozen fruit is as close to nature as possible. Tasting is believing!