Why Frozen?

IceWawona peaches have a “fresh picked” appearance and taste, characteristics of fruit harvested at the peak of maturity. Unlike the canning process, which requires very firm fruit, freezing fresh allows using fruit at the optimum standards for color, sweetness, and texture. The fruit is then quickly frozen to preserve the fresh taste, color, and nutrition.

Fresh frozen peaches are prepared in two basic processes: “IQF” or “Syrup”. The IQF process, individually quick-frozen, rapidly freezes individual pieces in an air tunnel at negative 30°F. IQF packs contain no water or added sugar. Syrup pack fruits are packaged in various size containers combining the fruit with fruit syrup, sugar syrup, or a medium selected by the customer. Wawona can produce virtually any cut of peach at any desired level of firmness and sweetness. Special freestone peach varieties like the White Babcock and the Indian Red, are also available for customers interested in developing products with unique colors and taste.

In addition to being 100% natural fresh fruit with no sugar or preservatives added, IQF packed fruit is economical to use. Simply remove the amount desired, returning the unused portion to the freezer. Conveniently packaged, IQF fruit provides summer fresh fruit all year long with the peeling and slicing already done.