Vision & Values

Wawona Frozen Foods manufactures fresh frozen fruit products for food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, restaurants and resorts, supermarkets, and school feeding. Over 100 Wawona products are sold and distributed in North America.

Amidst robust growth, Wawona remains a family-owned company whose principals are literally in the plant every day.  Our solid reputation as a quality grower and processor has led to an ever-expanding product line and a list of satisfied customers that includes many of the nations most preferred brands.  With Wawona you can always count on quality and responsiveness.

The process of freezing fresh fruit delivers fruit at the optimum standards for color, sweetness and texture.  Unlike canning which requires very firm fruit, fresh frozen allows you to select fruit that mimics the fresh-picked appearance and taste of fruit picked at maturity.  This also allows you greater control over product-specific criteria, such as ideal firmness and brix content.

Wawona processes IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) and Syrup packs.  With IQF, each piece of fruit is rapidly frozen inside an air tunnel at -30° F.  The near-instantaneous process produces IQF packs that contain no added sugar.  The Syrup process combines the fruit with fruit syrup, sugar syrup or a medium of the customers choosing.

Co-Packing – Whether it proudly carries our name or yours, we pack every product with the same attention to quality, matching specifications, and field-to-dock tracking.  We take pride in our ability to create products that meet our customers’ needs.  if you have an idea that calls for fruit solution, make sure to give Wawona a call.