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Relish Delicious Fruity Appetizers!

Take advantage of sweet summer fruits to create the juiciest appetizers. Wawona Frozen Foods can provide all of the freshest ingredients for your operation. These dishes are satisfying, refreshing, and easy to make!

1. Peach & Prosciutto Crostini
This summery toast can be cut up into small slices for an appetizer or served larger for a more luxurious meal. Top fresh rustic bread with delicious peaches and ricotta cream, with prosciutto, mint, honey and black pepper.

2. Mexican Fruit Salad
The most wonderful thing about fruit salads is how versatile they are. Add all of your favorite fruit, whether that be mango, berries, peaches, or papaya, and marinate it in cilantro, lime juice, sugar, and ancho chile powder. This can be a refreshing appetizer that will feed a larger group of people.

3. Plum & Goat Cheese Carpaccio with Mint
Thinly slice juicy plums, and sprinkle cheese, shallot and mint over them. Drizzle EVOO and honey over the top. This is such a unique yet delicious dish that just screams “summer”!

4. Deviled Strawberries
Looking for a sweeter appetizer, or maybe even a healthier dessert? Look no more! Stuff halved strawberries with a sweet cream cheese filling, topped with crushed graham crackers.

Wawona Frozen Foods is proud to offer the highest quality fruit products. Offering both fresh and frozen fruits, we have what you need to help your operation succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in your operation’s needs!

Delicious Ways to Use Fruit in Tasty Cocktails!

Summer is the perfect time to craft the perfect, refreshing cocktail. Using both fresh and frozen fruit is a great way to add nutritional value to a delicious drink. 

Using fruit instead of artificial sugar adds health value by providing naturally sweet flavor. Wawona Frozen Foods offers superior peaches, strawberries, pears, plums, and other mixed fruits that make it easy to offer the following cocktails this summer:

  • Strawberry Berryoska

Everyone loves strawberry lemonade during the summer – it is cool and refreshing. Adding vodka and a strawberry slice for garnish makes it the ultimate fruity summer cocktail.

  • White Peach Julep

The perfect peach arrives during the height of summer. This drink is like a classic mint julep with a fun twist. Adding peach liqueur and white peaches makes for a fantastic drink.

  • New Old-Fashioned

Adding fruit to an old-fashioned makes it incredibly appropriate for summer! With peach, bitters, and simple syrup, it is then topped with fine bourbon, peach slices, and some sparkling water.

  • Pear Martini

With martinis being a popular option, one infused with pear is no different. With vodka, elderflower liqueur, and champagne, garnished with a pear slice, this is destined to be a best-seller.

Wawona Frozen Foods offers high-quality frozen and fresh fruit products guaranteed to sweeten your beverage menu. Contact our team for more information on how we are your partner for any fruit-forward cocktail! 

Here are Creative Ways to Enjoy Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit is not only incredibly nutritious, but it is also versatile in sweet and savory dishes. Here are several fun and unique ways to use frozen fruit:

  • Sorbet and sherbet – Putting frozen fruit in a food processor or blender with your desired liquid, normally orange juice for sorbet and milk for sherbet, creates the perfect puree. This delicious treat can easily be frozen and pureed again just before serving. 
  • Punch – Lemonade or limeade can be transformed into your favorite punch by simply adding frozen fruit. For a cocktail version, add vodka. Frozen fruit can also be used to make refreshing sangria!
  • Smoothies – This goes without saying, but frozen fruit, alongside yogurt and milk, blends into a mouth-watering, sweet delight. Smoothies are a health-conscious, refreshing snack that carry vital nutrients. 
  • Sauces – Simmer sautéed onions, garlic, and herbs along with frozen fruit to create a savory sauce. Add red wine or broth until the liquid reduces into the perfect texture for your meal. 
  • Galettes – This French pastry is delicious and easy to make. Frozen fruit can be used inside a 9-inch piecrust, sprinkled with granulated sugar and baked at 400 degrees until the crust is golden brown. 
  • Marinade – Puree frozen fruit in a blender with your desired flavors. This could be lemon or lime juice, olive oil, mustard, and herbs on a variety of different meats, such as chicken, fish, and pork. 

At Wawona Frozen Foods, our quality frozen products make it easy to enjoy your favorite fruits in many different ways. Contact our team for more information about how we can help make this summer sweet and tasty!

Easy Ways to Enjoy Fruit in Delicious Desserts

Fruit is an essential source of key nutrients that boost your health and immunity. Many struggle to receive enough of these vital nutrients, resulting in poor health and a lack of immunity to certain diseases. Adding fruit to dessert options is an easy, tasty way to improve your diet without sacrificing sweet flavors. Here are several dessert options that are centered around juicy fruit:

Oven-Roasted Plums

Sprinkled with toasted almonds and served with vanilla ice cream, plums are a scrumptious dessert that everyone loves. You can spice it up with cloves, allspice, or cayenne. Plums can also be featured as a side dish with pork or chicken, seasoned with ground white pepper.

Baked Peaches

Peaches are a sweet summer fruit that are easy to prepare and serve. With delicious brown sugar and vanilla ice cream, it is the perfect dessert for a warm day. 

Fruit “Fluff”

What’s not to like about fresh-whipped vanilla cream with fruit folded in? Think of a fruit salad, but with homemade whipped cream. This combination works well with a variety of fruits added in. Berries and peaches are a delicious option, as they provide a burst of color and nutritional value.

Strawberry Shortbread Bars

This treat is a dessert with minimal ingredients, making it easy to make while keeping costs low. These bars also do well with several different fruits. 

Wawona Frozen Foods specializes in offering the highest quality fruit products. The fertile ground of the San Joaquin Valley is renowned for producing fruit with vivid colors and juicy flavors. Our collection of fresh and frozen fruit, highlighted by luscious peaches, is essential in crafting health-conscious, tasty summer desserts. Contact Wawona Frozen Foods today to see how we can fulfill all your fruit needs!

Experience the “Wawona Difference” with Tasty Yogurt Parfaits!

Yogurt parfaits are the ideal healthy, on-the-go snack. A common dilemma when crafting a new parfait recipe is the type of fruit to include. There are a variety of different options that are popular, including peaches, berries, kiwis, tangerines, and mangos. Parfaits are often enjoyed with an assortment of toppings, such as granola, cinnamon, honey, coconut shreds, and nuts, depending on the type of fruit. The combinations of juicy flavors are endless.

In addition to tremendous taste, yogurt parfaits are a great way to fuel your body and brain. Fruit contains essential nutrients and vitamins that promote a healthy lifestyle. Yogurt is a low-calorie option that has protein, fats and fiber. Natural, sweet flavor from the fruit makes it easy to avoid processed sweeteners and still enjoy a sweet treat. Yogurt parfaits can be enjoyed with many different types of diets: low carb, plant-forward, protein-rich, and so on. 

The final benefit of a yogurt parfait is the ease of introducing it to your diet. They can be enjoyed as an appetizing meal replacement, fruity midday snack, or a light dessert option that makes it easy to stay on your diet. Convenience has never been more important in today’s fast-moving society, and yogurt parfaits check all the boxes. 

With Wawona Frozen Foods, you will never have to choose between healthy, tasty, or convenient. Our quality fresh and frozen fruit makes it easy to enjoy all your favorite flavors while receiving the nutritional benefits of a health-conscious snack. Experience the “Wawona difference” with grab-and-go yogurt parfaits, blended smoothies, and sweet fruit salads this summer – contact our team for more information!

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